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Risking a DUI the Day After

Let’s say you went out drinking on a Sunday, had a little too much alcohol, but you did the responsible thing, and either took a cab home or had a designated driver bring you home.  It’s now Monday morning; you’re getting ready for work and head out to the office.  You should be fine from any DUI risks, right?  Not necessarily.

Food consumption, the pace at which you were drinking, age, weight, and your gender can all factor into how quickly your body absorbs the alcohol and you sober up.  For the average person, blood alcohol content (BAC) reduces at a rate of .015 percent per hour.  If you were out until 2 am, for example, and your BAC was .2 percent, your BAC would probably be somewhere around .110 at 8 am a number that would still be considered over the legal limit.

You might find websites claiming to be able to calculate your BAC based on items like how much you weigh, how much alcohol you consumed, and the type of alcohol consumed, but this will differ significantly based on your body’s ability to metabolize alcohol.  In other words, it’s wiser to remain off of the roads until your body has fully recovered and call in sick.

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